Welcome to the story of us as we experience the journey to becoming first time parents!! We are very blessed and super excited to embark on this next chapter of our lives together.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watching Me Grow

So I would like to think that I have just been enjoying my little man so much that I just can’t find the time to stop and blog about it .  But the truth is I kind of forgot all about this blog for about this blog for a bit, oops.


Here are a few photos of little man over the past few months…

1 week old

So many people have commented of how awful this picture is and how I should have put clothes on this poor baby but the truth is, it was 114 degrees here in July and NONE of us wanted to wear clothes!  Welcome to Texas little Lan Man.

(Landry, at your 1 week appointment you had lost 11 oz.  You only weighed 6.2 lbs.  The doctor was concerned so I had to wake you up to feed you every 2 hours.  Needless to say, we were both exhausted.)

2 weeks old

Much better picture! How handsome is this little fellow?

(Back for a 2 week checkup and you had gained half a pound.  Back up to 6.7 pounds but just in case you still had to eat ever 2 hours, ugh)


3 weeks old


Not really into taking pictures today. Smile


(When you were a month old I took you on your first trip to Nanna and Papa’s.  We stayed for a couple of weeks and Aunt Jamie and cousin Easton came and spent the days with us and Nanna helped take care of you at night so mommy could sleep.  We discovered your love for music when you were a month old.  To settle you down when you got upset you loved Zac Brown.  you would instantly start to smile.  When you were sleeping I always played or sang James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend and you would go right to sleep!)


Love those big beautiful blue eyes.  He looks SO much like his daddy.

(When you were 6 weeks old I took you back to Nanna and Papa’s because Daddy had to go back to work.  We figured out that you were not getting enough milk from me so we had to switch you to formula.  It made your tummy hurt and you were really fussy.  Mommy needed Nanna to calm us both down.)


(At 8 weeks we found a formula that you liked and you were happy and growing like crazy!! The doctor told Mommy that I didn’t have to wake you up anymore to feed you and I could let you sleep!  Yeah for both of us!!)







   My “little ole man” come-over

(At 8 weeks you were smiling all of the time and you started to notice your hands!  You would grab at your toys and giggle if you got them.  You also rolled over from your belly to your back but only for daddy.)



(At 2 months you started laughing in your sleep.  You would chuckle so loudly that you would wake yourself up from your naps.)

Of course I had to sneak some pics of my precious little sleeper.  He loves to smile and occasionally giggle when he’s napping.  I loved staring at this sweet face for 8 weeks while I was on maternity leave.




Look how big I am!


What a BIG boy!

(When you were 3 months old you all of the sudden turned into such a big boy!  Mommy missed you SO much when she had to go back to work but you have so much fun staying with Grandma.  You started eating 5 oz of formula and you started sleeping through the night at least 3 times a week.  You were such a happy baby!  You loved to lay on your back, kick you feet, and scream as loud as you could!)

October was a big month for our family.  I had to go back to work Sad smile and Landry started spending the days with his Grandma.  My parents came to visit my first week back to work so that we could all go to the State Fair and have Landry dedicated at church.


With Nanna at the fair! He loved staring at Big Tex’s huge bed.


It was also world series time so we had to deck him out in full Texas Rangers gear to match his dad. (Unfortunately they blew it in the end)


It was also the week before OU/tx so of course I was decked out in my OU gear and we had to get a picture with Sam Bradford’s Heisman trophy!! And of course, OU destroyed tx this year!


Dedication Day


Landry’s dedication day was very special for us.  In our church when a baby is dedicated it’s a short little ceremony to thank God for your child and to give him back to the Lord as a promise to raise him up to follow the Lord.  It was extra special for us because our pastor dedicated him along with my dad.



We also celebrated your first holiday this month, Halloween!  You looked SO precious in your little pea-in-a-pod costume.  Some friends came by to see you and carve pumpkins and we sat out on the porch and passed out candy to our neighbors.




Your favorite babysitter, Izzy!


My precious little pea


and your friend Wyatt!



Stay tuned for part 2……

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1 Week Photo Shoot

Oops, how could I have forgotten to post Landry’s one week photo shoot?  Once again, my favorite photographer and good friend Yomaida came over the week Landry was born to have a little photo session with our little man.  She even brought a delicious homemade Mexican dinner (thank you to her mom).

At first Landry wasn’t too thrilled about posing for pics but after filling his belly he was more cooperative.  His daddy said it was because he was “milk drunk.”  Here are some gorgeous shots that Yomaida took.  Thanks YE for capturing such precious memories for us to cherish. 

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I think these two are my very favorites!

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I LOVE baby feet and baby wrinkles and of course baby sad face!


Landry with his daddy!

Yomaida even took pictures of my sister’s little boy Easton.  Check out how handsome this little man is too!

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Coming soon, we had 6 week pictures taken a couple of weeks ago with cousin Easton!  Hopefully I will get those soon!